Tidy Bedroom, Tidy Mind

Hello hello, it’s been a while! There have been so many things I’ve wanted to do over the passing months, but put on the back burner to focus on other things. One of those was writing my blog, and another was getting myself organised and sorting out my wardrobe and bedroom. I’ve finally gotten around to doing those things, so here I am writing to share it with you!

When I was in school my Dad always used to tell me “tidy bedroom, tidy mind” and I’d roll my eyes and tell myself that was just something he said to get me to tidy up. I didn’t really get it at the time, but it finally makes sense. Honestly, when I’m in a messy room I can’t concentrate, I feel irritated and I go to bed almost with the feeling that my mind is ‘messy’. Over recent months I’d been waking up and spending way too much time rummaging through piles of clothes here there and everywhere to find something to wear for work – not an ideal start to the day.

2018: Clothes rail Before – (@laurareaney Instagram stories July ’18)

Okay, so I’m making it sound like I was living in a bomb site, I wasn’t. For those of you who don’t know me irl, I currently live with my boyfriend at his parents house in Herefordshire. We share his bedroom, which is a pretty big garage conversion. However in two years of being here I have totally taken it over with clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products, you name it (sorry Dave!). When we first moved here I kept all of my clothes on standing rails on one side of the room, but they took up so much space, so last year my boyfriend’s Dad was kind enough to build me a little setup of shoe shelves and a hanging rail on the wall. All was going well, until one day I heard a loud crash and ran in the room to see the whole thing had fallen off the wall! You may have seen this disaster on my Insta stories (above)

2018: Clothes rail After – (@laurareaney Instagram post July ’18)

If it wasn’t already obvious, I have a weakness for clothes shopping. As a fashion stylist, I find it’s almost impossible to avoid temptation when you’re constantly either surrounded by clothes or looking for inspiration. I love fashion, I love styling outfits, whether they’re new pieces or finds from charity or vintage shops, it’s just what I enjoy doing. The only problem is, we totally ran out of room for my hobby. I always tell myself I’ll send clothes to charity shops or sell them, but I never get round to it (possible guilty hoarder, I know). So the clothes coming in built up, nothing went out, and we ended up with literal piles of clothing on the floor and zero space left to store them – Enter the enormous wardrobe clear-out.

2019: Wardrobe – Where I keep all of my dresses, bags (and Dave’s shirts!)
Sunglasses storage – Amazon
Hexagon shelf – Primark
Shoe Shelf – IKEA

On a Friday night I got home from work and Dave decided it was time to sort it. He literally took all of my clothes off the rail and piled them on the bed, and everything out of my drawers and piled them on the floor. We were surrounded by a clothes mountain haha! It took me nearly two weeks, but I went through every single thing, and with Marie Kondo in mind, asked myself whether it sparked joy (fyi if you haven’t watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo yet, get on Netflix now- it’s so satisfying and you’ll totally want to declutter your life afterwards). Admittedly deciding what “sparks joy” isn’t as easy as it sounds, so I also just tried to be brutal and asked myself if I hadn’t worn it in a while, why not, and did I really want to keep it. By the end I’d filled two dustbin bags full of stuff for charity, one for a clothes bank and two big boxes of things to sell, it felt fab!

After decluttering, Dave and I decided it was time to find some new storage solutions and get some more furniture that we could also take with us when we eventually get a house of our own. We headed over to IKEA (bloody love it there) and got a new chest of drawers, a big 12 square shelf, a shoe rack and loads of fabric boxes and wooden crates to store bits and bobs nicely. We spent the rest of the weekend building flatpack furniture (okay so I put the crates together, Dave built the furniture haha) and I taught myself to fold like Marie Kondo. All of the trousers, jeans and jumpers are in their neat little folds in colour coordination- it’s SO satisfying. I can now open my drawers and see exactly what’s in there and grab it – no more rummaging through drawers in the morning trying to find that one thing I wanted to wear to work! The only things I keep piled in the drawers are t-shirts, just because I prefer being able to flick through them and be able to see the prints.

2019: Clothes Rail – The new drawers from IKEA, shoe shelves and all my shirts, midi skirts and day dresses on the hanging rail

We reorganised the clothes rail area, adding the new chest of drawers underneath the rail and shoe shelves that Dave’s dad built, so I have half the hanging space but lots more drawer space for the clothes that were all in piles on the floor! (My mind just instantly thought of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly getting excited after building bunk beds.. “LOOK AT ALL THIS FLOOR SPACE… SO MANY ACTIVITIES!”) And of course I ordered all of my shoes in colour coordination on the shelves again, because I’m sad like that.

I love our new shelf. We’ve used the fabric boxes for more clothing storage, the woven basket boxes for bits and bobs like cameras, equipment and accessories, and displayed on the shelves our books, some of our vinyls and my Vogue magazine collection that I can’t bring myself to get rid of. It’s also super handy having the space on top to put our record player, perfumes and ornaments.

So, that’s it! You know that feeling you get when your room/house is tidy, you’ve had a bath or shower and you’re squeaky clean, and you climb into the bed you’ve made up with fresh sheets, snuggle down, and suddenly everything feels right with the world? Well, that’s how it feels now the room is finally sorted. I’d say it’s still at max capacity even though everything is stored nicely, but hopefully that will remind me to continue the cycle of taking things I don’t want or need anymore to charity etc. It just feels so good waking up in the morning and seeing clear space on the floor and everything in its place – well mostly, we still get lazy sometimes! My mind feels that bit clearer knowing I’m not surrounded by mess. Turns out after all these years, Dad was right… tidy bedroom, tidy mind!

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