Can’t Help Falling In Love With The 60’s

I think the 1960’s are one of my favourite eras of fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely still been digging the 70’s trend this year, and as a 90s baby I’ll always love the comfort of throwing on a pair of vintage Levis jeans with an old band tee, but there’s just something special about the 60’s. The ‘swinging sixties’ cultural revolution of youth, freedom and modernity seems like it was such an exciting time when music, fashion and popular culture were changing and the British Invasion of pop and rock took over. Obviously I wasn’t alive when any of this happened (if only time machines existed..) but I’ve always found myself inspired by the fashion, music and history; watching films like A Hard Day’s Night, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Carry On films, and The Graduate (which you might have seen in My Top 10 Films of All Time!). Some of my favourite musicians were also the forefront of the era, including British bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones, and American artists like Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas and Papas and of course.. Elvis Presley!

My love of the 60’s has definitely influenced my personal style over the years. I still constantly find myself pinning old photos on Pinterest of Twiggy and her iconic eye makeup, Jean Shrimpton’s dreamy hair, Jane Birkin’s effortless style and even Andy Warhol in his stripe tees (a few of these inspo pics above!). This probably explains why when I was looking on the Topshop website recently and I spotted this floral daisy print mini skirt, I really couldn’t resist. The revolutionary mini skirt changed fashion forever thanks to Mary Quant, and I don’t know about you but I always feel a bit more powerful in a mini- especially when it’s combined with ‘flower power’! If you saw my last blog post you’ll know that I’ve been loving yellow this season, and I love the pop of colour in this skirt in contrast to the black and white. I feel like the button details also give it a bit of a modern touch, and I have to confess, I think I’m addicted to pretty much anything with tortoise shell/horn buttons lately!

I know the Elvis print might create a bit of a divide when it comes to music preferences (well done if you got the blog title reference!), but you have to admit, this And Finally t-shirt from Topshop is pretty damn fantastic. I love Elvis and I think its the combination of old and new that attracts me to this too- with the black and white print and tacky-but-kinda-cool gemstone embellishment on the back (sparkle isn’t usually my style, but come on, it’s Elvis), alongside the fringe detailing that’s fitting with the western theme that’s been everywhere this year and will likely be an even bigger trend in AW18.

I paired the look with my favourite slingback heels (now back in stock on Stradivarius!!), my go-to black cat eye Zara sunnies and this Topshop string shopper bag which I quite literally have not put down all summer. As you can see, I wore this on a gloriously sunny day in this heatwave and honestly felt fab in this outfit. I’m looking forward to restyling each piece, but I also just love how this outfit combines so many elements of the 1960’s that I adore all in one look. Topshop have been killing it lately with their summer pieces, and you can shop the tee, skirt and bag all through the link below (FYI- the skirt has also now gone into the sale since I bought it, so you’ll have to snap it up quick!)

I’m off back up north again this weekend to see friends and family, and it’s supposed to be gorgeous weather too so I’m sure I’ll be packing a mini skirt or two! Hey, I might even stick some Elvis on in the car for the journey home. Hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you’re up to.

Laura. xx

Elvis Fringe T-Shirt by And Finally – Topshop | Daisy Button Jaquard Mini Skirt – Topshop | Benny String Shopper Bag – Topshop | Slingback Heels – Stradivarius | Slim Cat Eye Sunglasses – Zara (Similar Here)


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