Can’t Help Falling In Love With The 60’s

I think the 1960’s are one of my favourite eras of fashion. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely still been digging the 70’s trend this year, and as a 90s baby I’ll always love the comfort of throwing on a pair of vintage Levis jeans with an old band tee, but there’s just something special about the 60’s. The ‘swinging sixties’ cultural revolution of youth, freedom and modernity seems like it was such an exciting time when music, fashion and popular culture were changing and the British Invasion of pop and rock took over. Obviously I wasn’t alive when any of this happened (if only time machines existed..) but I’ve always found myself inspired by the fashion, music and history; watching films like A Hard Day’s Night, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the Carry On films, and The Graduate (which you might have seen in My Top 10 Films of All Time!). Some of my favourite musicians were also the forefront of the era, including British bands like The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who and The Rolling Stones, and American artists like Simon & Garfunkel, The Mamas and Papas and of course.. Elvis Presley!

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